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Loan Management System

A World Class Loan Management System for Demanding Lending Applications

Our loan management system is a modern, state-of-the-art loan processing and tracking system with the following key characteristics :

  • Web-based
    • Allows flexible deployment options, cloud-based operations with no desktop installation footprint
    • End-user support and costs are greatly reduced compared to traditional installations
  • Multi-lingual and Multi-currency handling built-in
    • Our loan management system can manage both multi-currency and multi-lingual requirements
    • Ideal for multi-territory and cross-border deployment
  • Accurate
    • Loan calculations are accurate and handle rate-changes and repayment schedule changes with ease – no more unexpected balloon payments at the end of a loan period!
    • The system has been audited by prominent audit firms with a clean bill of healt
  • Built-in workflow and document management
    • All business rules and finance processes e.g. disbursements, repayments, write-offs, rate changes etc. are workflow managed reducing risk and fraud.
    • Separation of Duties (SOD) is enforced for key processes that may incur financial loss due to fraud
    • A full transaction history is maintained with time and user identification for forensic audit purposes
  • Parameterized product definition
    • Comprehensive and flexible to allow lenders to customize their products to their unique requirements
    • Allowing for repayment holidays, tiered interest rates, rate and fee changes, disbursement in tranches, loan consolidation, balloon payments, loan restructuring and interest suspense.
  • Other standard features :
    • Create a loan ( interest rate, period, capital, fees, disbursement date, payment date, amortisation schedule)
    • Manage a loan (track disbursements, repayments, arrears, rate changes, adjustments, write-offs)
    • Manage payments (reconcile payment files received banks, ageing report, statements)
    • Provide monthly GL reports for input into a third party accounting system (e.g. Pastel).
    • Batch processing (disbursements, statements, rate adjustments)
    • Portfolio reporting (Total Loan value, outstanding capital, outstanding interest, outstanding fees, accounts in arrears, value in arrears, period in arrears, legal /handed over, interest, fees and capital written off, interest suspended. )

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