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Mobile Loans System

Mobile Loans System

Our mobile loans system allows traditional front-office business processes to be performed on smartphone or tablets.

This application is suitable for field-agents operating in areas where it would be dangerous to carry laptop computers for risk of theft or injury. Typical business processes would be debt collection, receipting of payments or loan origination.

The system supports printing of receipts, statements etc via a portable rechargeable printer which can be carried in a jacket pocket or belt-pouch.

Both online and offline processing modes are supported to cater for areas with poor telephony coverage.

Smartphone devices are monitored remotely and all user transactions are logged, as well as device status such as battery level, signal quality, memory useage etc. This allows a central support facility to pro-actively monitor and support users in the field.

Technical Features

  • Operates via GSM network using GPRS and 3G supported smartphones
  • Data is captured electronically with immediate validation of data
  • Automatic store-and-forward of all transactions should connectivity be interrupted
  • Encryption of all data to ensure maximum security
  • Supports mobile printing to provide paper evidence of transactions
  • Supports generation and printing of bar-codes
  • Supports handwritten signature capture, digitization, encryption and transmission.
  • Supports photo capture for id verification purposes or verification of premises etc.

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